• About Us

  • Frank Olin-Owner

    AquaPro Systems, LLC was built on innovation and invention with a rich heritage of electrical engineering and technology. Today, Frank Olin is meeting the opportunities of a challenging market with resolve and quality customer service you don’t find just anywhere these days. Decades of experience and leading innovations provide a sound solution for residential and commercial customers alike.

  • AquaPro Systems is committed to acheiving excellence by listening to you and developing the best solutions for your business!

    AquaPro Systems specializes in water recycling, processing and filtration solutions. Our innovative machines and systems exceed industry standards ensuring peak system performance.

    Optimum water quality starts by understanding customer concerns and systematically evaluating  the water condition and implementing the design parameters.

    • Aeration – Air & water introduced by spraying or cascading primarily for oxidation or degassing.
    • Carbon Filtration – Used primarily to remove chlorine, odors and improve the taste of water.
    • Chlorination – The treatment process using chloringe gas or solution added to water for disinfection and control of microrganisms. Chlorination used in oxidation of dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide impurities.Filtration – Separate mud, sand, silt and sludge by passing through porous substances.
    • Ozone O3 – Activated Oxygen is an excellent oxidixing agent and bactericide. Ozone removes iron, odors, sulfur smells and kills bacteria.
    • Reverse Osmosis (R/O) – Pressure forces water through a semi-permeable membrance removing iodized salts, colloids and organic molecules.
    • Ultraviolet (U/V) – UV light is used as a disinfectant.
    • Water Softener (Conditioner) – Removes hardness, soap residue, scale build-up and limited iron straining.